We believe it is time for total honesty and sincerity. Facts must be presented unaltered, with nothing added or omitted that leads to a wrong
conception by the audience. We also believe and stand up for the unity of walk and talk, the accordance of spoken words and lived actions.

Respect for Life

We see life as the greatest gift of all! As living human beings, we are responsible for living a beautiful and precious life, supporting the weak and helping those who are in need. We respect our neighbors, our fellow citizens, the older generation as well as the unborn. We need each other to pass on warmth and love, and live life well!

Respect for Love

We believe it is time for a love which is respectful and lasting and true. A love which sees sex as a celebration of two people who have
promised each other eternal faithfulness. That’s why we believe in marriage and why we are saving sex for it.

Respect for Family

We, the young people of Young and Precious, think that family plays a major role in the conservation and regeneration of generations. Family is a place of education, where children are prepared to take their place in society. Within it values such as love, faithfulness, justice or respect are passed on.

That is why Young and Precious wishes for the institution of family to be respected as an indispensible part of our society.

Free from addiction

We at Young & Precious stand for freedom of addiction of all kinds (such as sex, gaming, drugs, …).
We thrive for a new sunrise for each individual and for society where the chains of addiction have been broken.