What does integrity mean

More and more companies require integrity from their employees. But what is actually meant with that?

What does integrity mean


At the German Lufthansa AG integrity is a tool to fight corruption and it comprises internal guidelines as to how to handle invitations, gifts and other benefits. Telefonica Europe mentions integrity in connection with security and data protection. The RWE AG considers integrity of one’s actions to be a crucial requirement to ensure sustainable, successful growth. A corresponding code of conduct is supposed to guarantee that actions are in agreement with legal, social and cultural regulations, norms and values. Many other companies, in particular big enterprises and corporate groups, mention integrity as a central part of their company policy (Corporate Governance). In politics the call for the integrity of legal entities and natural persons is becoming more and more frequent, as well.


According to the OED, integrity signifies

  • Honesty
  • Respectability
  • Incorruptibility

Other synonyms are decency, righteousness, probity, virtuousness and dependability.


We from Young and Precious strive to have integrity and to act accordingly and we demand the same of the people who are in charge of politics, economy and society, as well as of the media.