Death Is Never a Solution!

We visited an abortion clinic in Holland and had interesting Conversations. It is worth it to stand up for life!

Conversations in front of an abortion clinic

‘Morality’ signifies the kind of conduct and behaviour that is acceptable and wished for in society. Pro-life is part of this morality, too, because every
life is a gift and has a right to be lived. Deliberately putting an end to life by means of abortion or euthanasia will sooner or later come back to burden
one’s conscience. So let us protect and celebrate life!

Stand up for life

We from Y’nP Holland visit the abortion clinic in our area once a month with some friends. We’re mostly women, but sometimes we are joined by some men, as
well. We try to get into contact with the girls coming in for an abortion or admission to tell them that abortion is not the only way out. We want to be
the voice of the unborn child that is already very much alive! Mainstream-media often portrays the foetus as being just a bit of tissue standing between a
woman and her career or any plan she may have for the future, saying that it is not yet a living baby. We explain to the women that this bit of tissue is a
perfectly formed miniature person with a heartbeat and the capacity to feel pain. We hand out flyers in which the beauty of growing life is celebrated. It
is not our intention to offend the people we are talking to, but instead we carefully try to demonstrate love for the child they carry.

Experiences we’ve made

During one of our sessions at the entrance of the clinic not a single one of the women was interested in our message. Two women even accused us of being
‘inhumane’, telling us that the patients coming there were already burdened enough and that we were only making it more difficult for them. We heard the
often used argument of abortion in case of rape, although these cases only account for a minor percentage of all abortions.

Later a woman passed us on her bike. She stopped and was curious about us standing there. She had already seen us before. After explaining our motivation
to her, she said: “You know, I’ve always been wondering what you are standing here for and I completely agree with you! Let’s spread the news of a
courageous youth, exercise self-control and show others that self-control can save you a lot of trouble!” She was a real encouragement, which helped us
through our next encounter.

A couple in their thirties arrived. They politely listened to us, but then told us they had already made up their mind. This child would just be one too
many; the other children would suffer from this financially. They accepted our flyer and the booklet with testimonies; however, they entered the clinic
nevertheless. We as a team were quite cast down by their decision.

Helping people to decide

Not long after that another couple arrived. They were probably in their forties. They came for an ultrasound and an admission talk. They had not made their
decision yet and were very interested in our information. We were able to pass on our point of view and gave them the booklet ‘Never the Same after
Abortion’. They went inside and we waited anxiously for them to come back out! While we were waiting they would probably be told how dangerous a pregnancy
can be when the mother has already gotten on in age. In the meantime, we were speaking with some more people and by the time we packed to leave the
couple in their forties came back out with big smiles on their faces. “We’re going to keep the baby!” We were so surprised. It felt like a dream! But they
assured us that they would keep the baby even though it meant taking higher risks than normally. We were ecstatic about their news. The couple really seemed to be relieved and we congratulated them
which they appreciated very much.

It is worth it to stand up for life! The one couple chose death as the solution for their problem, the other one chose life. Both couples will have to live
with the consequences of their decisions. At the end of the day we were excited and delighted about the life that had been saved.