The PC: Innocent or indispensable?

We find the most common addiction in a complete different, more innocent area. We cannot live without our computer.

The PC: Innocent or indispensable?

The addictions we face as young people nowadays are not as much in terms of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs any more. Although this often occurs, we find the most common addiction in a complete different, more innocent area. We cannot live without our computer, constantly updating your Facebook, online games, checking mails … These are in themselves no life-threatening issues? Or are they?


In recent years the media came with cases which proves that too much time behind a computer can have serious consequences:

  • A boy from Beijing thought he mastered fire by playing “World of Warcraft”. He decided to test his skills and set a classmate on fire.
  • A three-year-old South Korean girl died by neglect. Her parents raised the child playing a variant of the game “Second life”. After 12 hours of gaming, they found their child. It had died from malnutrition.
  • A 17-year-old American boy killed his mother and injured his father because he had banned the game “Halo 3”.

What about me?

When we read about these things, we automatically think “This will never happen to me!”. Probably not, but the Internet and the computer in general can be harmful for us and our social life (for those who understand German, see also this very interesting article by a female journalist:

Playing a game is not wrong and not necessarily irresponsible, but how many hours do we spend behind the screen?

Hours we could spend doing more useful things!
In the time you have been playing on Facebook, you could play a game with your brother or sister. In this way you could bond with your family instead of some virtual friends. In the time you played a map on “Call of Duty”, you could help your parents for instance. I still find myself having lots of time to read my mails, read the newspapers etc but I don’t find this time to do something really useful.


As I said before, being busy with your computer is not wrong however it can become a problem. Taking some distance from your computer is a choice one must make. You can for instance give yourself a time-limit. Or you could remove the games you’re really attached to.

Every minute of our time spent on the computer, we could do something more useful, even do good for others in this Wide Wide World instead of on the World Wide Web!