Eternal love is possible

The number of divorces are continually rising. Here are some ingredients for a happy marriage.

Some ingredients for a happy marriage

Our society is increasingly marked by its fleeting nature. This is particularly true for our relationships with other people, especially where marriage is concerned. Yet, from the moment of the civil ceremony, husband and wife vow to be faithful to one another. However, all too often a few months or years are sufficient to erase any trace of this promise. The number of divorces are continually rising and countless of homes are broken because of this problem. We are grieved by this situation because daily we witness the devastation and the disastrous consequences of divorce or altercations in the midst of families and couples. The depression and distress from which the youth that grew up in this environment suffers will cause them to have a brittle relationship with the older generation at some point in the future. Considering this, how can one believe in a bright future when one’s parents are separated, when the image that one has of conjugal love is truncated by the history of a broken family.

A partnership for eternity

We believe and we maintain that it is possible to love one another for life. Marriage is not only a contract, it is above all a partnership for eternity, the engagement of a man and a woman who love each other for life, cost what it may. For that we need to trust each other. We are in need of humility to recognise our mistakes. We need to know how to forgive in order to wipe out and forget the mistakes of one’s spouse. We need to have perseverance during the good and the bad moments. We are in need of emotions, of strong feelings and of tenderness. We need to renounce our own selves to get close to one another. We need manly men who know in which direction to lead their families. We are in need of women who support their husbands and who, with loving discipline, raise their children to be respectful. Above all, we are in need of love, a love that is cultivated daily, like a delicate flower, a love full of goodness and patience, a love that does not die as long as forgiveness exists.

This is the basis on which a marriage has to be built. These are the ingredients of the life of a couple that remain together forever.