Addiction and Freedom

What is addiction and where is the way out. It is not easy to resist the many temptations but you are born to be free.

Free from Addiction

Born to be free

At first, i would like to say, that we are born to be free. it is possible to live free of addictions. Freedom of adddiction(s) brings real happiness, and not mere virtual excitment.

Being Free is a Fight

To be free is a fight. Many attacks (from the Web, Porn, Drugs proposal by some “friend”) want to enslave us. Once you have given in into it, you’re slave of it, it requires a strong will to say no.

The Way out

“I am addicted: where is the way out ?” Well, my friend, the first step is willingness : Do you want to be free?
I admit, I am not free. I’ll team up with somebody who is free and who helps me get out.