Gay Marriage: Current Discussion in France

Why does France make such a fuss about the legalisation of gay marriage?

Where Does the Problem Lie: Society or Democracy

Since the 29th January 2013 the project of the Taubira law is being discussed in the French parliament.
However, this is nothing but a parliamentary debate, since the citizens are still trying to make their voice heard. To this day more than 700 000 people have signed a petition demanding an opinion of the CESE (Conseil Economique Social et Environnemental) on the law as well as some thoughts on the consequences of such a law.

What is marriage about?

Indeed, to the society of the occident the family (Father-Mother-Child) united through the institution of marriage aims at the reproduction of humankind. For some years the significance of family has slowly been dissociated from this concept of marriage and has become nothing more than a civil contract that organises the life of our community. The rise in the number of children that are born out of wedlock and the number of divorces has gone hand in hand with this development. Just as from a biological point of view one man and one woman are necessary to reproduce human life a child needs a father and a mother for the formation of its identity… Do we have to reconstruct the very foundations of our society in the name of globalisation and tolerance?

Moreover, France is a democracy, that is to say it is a system of government in which the power lies with the citizens. These 700 000 signatures of citizens are a historic record. Not to take the opinion of the citizens or their worries into account is to not respect democracy. That is why the French have not given up on the debate yet.

Today, the world and Europe are astounded by the reaction of the French. Having the reputation of being tolerant and non-interventionist, the French seem “unpredictable”.